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Customizing Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. Further it has 8 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • Layout and Design
  • Slider Options
  • Call Out Options
  • Portfolio Options
  • Call to Action
  • Homepage Content Options
  • Blog Options
  • Testimonials

The screenshot for theme options

Theme options contain 8 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

Layout and Design

First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see Layout and Design on very first. Click it and you will find 2 options followed by 2 and 3 sub-options respectively. Listed as:-

  • Choose layout :- Boxed or Full Width
  • Layout picker:- Right Sidebar, No sidebar, and Left Sidebar

Slider Options:

For Slider option first, go Theme options. Click on Slider options.

You can select as much as slider you want to add in your homepage.

To create new slider Page

  • Go to dashboard
  • Select page> Add new page
  • Then slider title>Slider Description
  • Publish

Call Out Options

To set Call out Options, go to Theme options and enter the title.

Remember that you can only show 3 Pages in the Callout Options.

Portfolio Options

From the Portfolio Options in the Theme Options, you can only add Section Title.

So, you have to go to Dashboard, Portfolio then Add New.

After that, Enter Title, Description, Image and Click Publish.

Call to action Options

Click Theme options and then go to Call to action options and enter detail as shown in the figure.

Step 1: Add Call to Action Title

Step 2: Add content to Call to Action Section

Step 3: Add URL and button text

Step 4: Set Background Image if you like.

Home Content Options

This option lets you see the content in the front page that you have assigned earlier.

Step 1:- First Go to Dashboard, Click Pages and Add New

Step2:- Enter the title, description, featured image

Step3:- Set Frontpage as Template

Step 4:- Click Publish.

Now Go to Appearance, then Customization, Theme Options, and Home Content Options.

There you can Hide/Show HomePage Title and Content in the Frontpage.

Blog Options

With the help of Blog options, you can Add Blog Post in the Front Page.

Step1:- Go to Dashboard, Posts and then Add New

Step 2:- Enter the Title, Description, Featured Image and Categories.

Step 3:- Click publish

Now Go to Customization, then Theme Options and Blog Options. There you can select the Excerpt Length which shows the words from the description in the blog post.

If you select 20,

If you select 300,

Similarly, you can Hide and Show Meta in the blog.

Testimonial Sections

From the Testimonial Sections in the Theme Options, you can only Add Section Title.

In order to set the Testimonials, Go to Dashboard, then Testimonial, Add New.

Step1:- Enter the Client’s Full Name and saying

Step 2 Add Featured Image and Click Publish.


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