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Customizing Theme Option

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. Further it has 5 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options Top Header Options
  • Top Header Options
  • Header Options
  • Top Header Banner
  • Footer Options

The screenshot for theme options:

Theme options contain 5 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

General Options

First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see General Options on the very first. Click it and you will find 2 options. Listed as:-

  • Reset all Default Settings
  • Show Page title

Top Header Options:

Top Header Option, first go theme options. Click on Top Header Options.

You can add social media links, Contact, Address and Map on the top header of the homepage.

*If you don’t want to show the social icons, then disable it from Show Social Icons.

Header Options

Click theme options and then go to Header Options. There you can select the Header Layout  ( 5 Layouts) and Header Transparent Options.


After selecting Header Transparent Options,

Header Layouts Options






After setting the Header Options then Click Options.

Top Header Banner

From go to Theme Options, then Top Header Banner.

From here you can set the Banner Type, Title, Description, Image and Button Text Links.

But Frist you need to create Slider from WordPress Editor.

  • Step 1: Go to Dashboard
  • Step 2: click Slider Options then click Add New
  • Step 3: Set Title of the banner and other information
  • Step 4: Set the Feature image
  • Step 4: Click Publish

Then go to Elementor,

Go to the Page, then click edit to the Homepage that you have assigned earlier. After that select Edit with Elementor.

Step 1: Simple Drag and Drop the Header Slider Options from the ACE Elements

Step 2: Click on the slide and then edit

Step 3: Then further set the slider form Layout, Style and Advanced.

Step 4: Click Publish.


When everything is done, then go to customization, theme options then, Top Header Banner Options. Then select the Banner type.

Footer Options

In order to set the Pre Footer and Footer Area, first, you need to Add Widgets from Customization.

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel, then Appearance and Click Widgets.

Step 2: Click on each Footer Widget and set Title and Description.

Now, go to Customization, then Theme Options and Footer Options. Select Pre-Footer, Footer Type and add Footer Text.


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