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How to add Portfolio Section in Homepage?

First of all, you need to create a page from the Portfolio Section which is located on the Admin Panel.

Step 1: Click Portfolio and Add New Portfolio.

Step 2: Set Title, Image and Create a category.

Step 3: Then click Publish.

The top of the Dashboard, there is a “New” options click it and there are several other post types. Then the Page and Edit with Elementor.

After that Go to Yudlee Themes ADDONS for Elementor (You need to activate this plugin)

Step 1: Drag and Drop Ace Portfolio into the Add Section.

Step 2: Then you can select Portfolio Layouts and no of Posts.

Step 3: You can add more than one Category.

If you want to the edit the Portfolio Section that you have just created. Click the section, there are 4 further options right in the top of the section.

Then clicking EDIT, you will get 3 Edit options named Layout, Style, and Advance. Set it according to your desire.


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