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Customizing Theme Options

Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. It generally contains the homepage all settings.

Theme options contains 11 settings for the homepage which need to be adjust in order to make as demo website. Below are the explanation one by one .

The screenshot for theme options

Slider Options 

For Slider option First go to the backend and Create a page.

Step 1 : wp-admin/pages/add-new page.

Step 2: Insert the Fields shown below in order to make the change. Fields are: Title, Banners Details, Feature Images.

Goto Customizer > Theme Options > Slider Option > Select Page Slider 1. Now You Can find the respective image. Follow the same procedure for other sliders also.

Top Call Out Options

For Top Call Out Section there are two options available. Either you can choose WooCommerce default product category or custom callouts. Let’s have some clarifications.

It consists of three images with title and links. So first click on Top call out sections. You can find these two options

  • Display Product Categories
  • Display Custom Callouts

 Display Products Category :

Display Products Category is for the WooCommerce products category which supports category image too. For creating WooCommerce products. Goto backend and follow the steps.

Step 1: On the left sidebar you can find Products and Click on Categories. Step 2: Enter the name, insert image and click on Add new Category.

Category Should have some products in order to show on top callouts. Therefore add or edit the products that are related to the category. Edit a product.

Step 3: On the right side you can find Product Categories. click on the respective category and click on update.

Step 4: Now go to the backend and click on apperance>customizer>Theme Options>Top Call Out Options.

Step 5: Enable the section. Choose Display Product Categories. Now Choose All the category you created, and click on save & publish.

If you don’t want to show the product category then you can choose Display Custom Callouts between

Step 6: After choosing the field display custom callouts, there you can find the title, subtitle, image, button, and button URL and view the change live.

Call To Action Options


Steps: Click on show call to action and enter the details as shown above. And finally, click on save to view the change.

 Feature Products / Mid Section Options


Steps: Click on show feature products on homepage, fill the title sections and no of images/products to show and click on save & publish to view the change.

Bottom Call Out Options


Steps: Click on show bottom call out in the homepage , fill the Title, Description, Link and Icon to show and click on save & publish to view the change. Shown in the red box.

Quick Product


Step 1: Click on show Product Listing on the homepage, the available categories are all the category from WooCommerce category with products.

Step 2: Click on the categories to display the respective category products. You Can Only Choose maximum 4 categories. Please press Ctrl while selecting the categories, and click on save & publish to view the change.

Testimonial Section


Testimonial is generated from the jetpack plugin so you must need to activate it to use.

Steps : Click on Show testimonial section in homepage ?, Select no of the post to show as well as a background image , an if there were no any background image then there is also another option for background colour. Select the appropriate color and click on save & publish to view the change.

Blog Section


Steps : Click on Show blog in homepage ?, Enter the title and Subtitle. Show Meta options if enabled then the red box with the category, author name and date is shown in hover. Finally, click on save & publish to view the change.

Social Section

Steps : Click on Show Social icons ? Enter the links/url of respective social sites. Title is appear from the customizer>site identity>site title Finally click on save & publish to view the change.

 Footer Widget Section


Steps : For Footer widgets , go to homepage customize>widgets. You can find 5 widgets footer 1 to 5. For Demo select the widget first ( Footer widget 1). After it, click on Add a Widget .

Search the appropriate widget , may be Text, Recent Posts ,Custom Menu etc. and finally, click on save & publish.

Another Steps to add a widget.

Step 1 : Goto backend. Click on Appearance>Widgets.

Step 2 : Select available widgets and assign to the respective widgets. After Selection click on save and view the homepage for the change.

Footer Copyright / Footer Options


Steps : Click on Show pre-footer section in homepage ?, Enter the Foote text, Developed by Text and Developed By Link. Finally, click on save & publish to view the change.

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