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How to manage Widget Area?

Go to Appearances>Customize>Widgets

From widgets, you can add right sidebar and Footer 1,2,3 widgets.

Adding Right Sidebar:

Go to dashbord>apperance>widgets

Then drag and drop the desired widgets from the available widgets to the Right Sidebar. Then you can edit each sidebar and add title,  numbers of posts etc.

For editing,

It appears like this one the single or archive page,

You can hide or show sidebar from Apperance>Customize>Theme Options>General Options. 

Footer Widgets

You can Footer Widgets either from Backend or from the Customizer Options.

From Backend, 

  • First, go to admin Dashbord>Apperance>Wigets. Then you will see Footer widgets 1, 2 and 3 options.
  • Simply drag and drop the available widgets, then start adding the title, description, no of posts to show, and image if necessary.

From Customizer options,

First, go to dashboard>apperance>customizer>widgets>Footer widgets 1,2, and 3

Click on the each Footer Widgets>Add a new widget. Then drag and drop widget then start adding the required field.

Click it and start addling required field

Repeat the same process in Footer Widget 2 and 3 as well. After everything is done, it appears like this in the footer area,

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