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Customizing Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. It generally contains all settings because of its 19 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options
  • Top Header Options
  • Header Options
  • Banner Options
  • Banner Contact Options
  • Intro Options 1
  • Intro Options 2
  • Top Call Out
  • Call To Action Options
  • Courses Options
  • Team Options
  • Stats Options
  • Testimonial Options
  • Bottom Callout Options
  • Clients Options
  • Blog Options
  • Social Options
  • Footer Options
  • Contact Page Options
  • Sort Section

Theme options contain 19 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

General Options


First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see General Options on the very first. Click it and you will find 3 options. Listed as:-

  • Right Sidebar
  • No Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar

Select any one of them as per your desire. If you don’t like changes then you can always select ‘Reset all default settings’.

Banner Options


First, you need to create Slider. For Slider option first, go to the backend. Click on Sliders and Add a new Slider.

Step 1: wp-admin/slider/add-new slider.

Step 2: Insert the Fields shown below in order to make the change.

Fields are Title, Banner Extra Setting Options, Feature Images.

Go to Customizer>Theme Options>Banner Option.  Now you can find 3 different Options for banner. Listed as:

  • Single image Banner (Default)
  • Slider Banner
  • Banner With Video On Background

For single image banner, you can select only one image with button, title, and description.

For the slider banner, you can create a slider from the backend (slider post type). And if you want to limit the slider on the homepage then you just need to input the slider number. Let’s say ‘3’. Only three latest sliders will be shown.

For banner with video background, you can upload a video with the title, description, and buttons.

Banner Contact Options


There is another Banner Contact Options in Theme Options where you can both enable and disable showing banner contact form in Homepage. And you have to fill Contact form title and description.

If you disable the show banner Contact From in Homepage and then contact form does not appear on the homepage.

And when you enable Show banner contact form in homepage then contact form appear on the right side of the homepage.

Intro Options 1 and Into Options 2:


Both Intro Options 1 and Intro Options 2 have the same functions. It gives the power to include a main and necessary description on your home page.

Go to Theme Options>Intro Options 1/ Theme Options>Intro Options 2

Step 1: Create a page for let’s say ‘Introduction’ with feature image /gallery /video etc.

Step 2: Now go to the customizer. Select Intro Options 1 or 2. Enable the section.

Step 3: Select the page form the list you just created or select anyone as your choice.

Step 4: Enter Title, Add Image, choose background option and color. And click on save & publish. And preview the change.

Top Call Out Options:


For Top Call out Section there are two Layouts available i.e. layout 1 and layout 2. And there are options for selecting the category or if not selected then it shows all the available. Let’s have some clarifications.

For Callout option, first, go to the backend. Click on Callout and Add a new Callout.

Step 1: wp-admin/Callouts/Add New Callout.

Step 2: Insert the Fields shown below in order to make the change.

Fields are: Short Description, an icon is used for bottom call out.

Adding callout category:

Step 3: Click on callout > Callout Category on the backend.  Add callout category.

Step 4: Assign category while adding a new callout.

Step 5: Enter the title, Description and callout category and layout. And Click on publish and save.

Top Callout Layout 1:

Top Callout Layout 2:

Call To Action Options


Steps: Click on show call to action and enter the details as shown above. And finally, click on save to view the change.

Top Header Options


Steps: Click on top header options of theme options. Then you can see social media links options. Select the channel you want to display on your homepage. You can also add address, map link, and contact number.

If you want to remove the social icon from the home button then simply click Show Social Icons.

Stat Options


Steps: Click on show Stat section in the homepage, fill the Title, Description, image and gradient color and click on save & publish to view the change like :

Team Options


Step 1: Go to the backend, click on team and  Add new team. You may find Team extra setting options.

Step 2: Enter the details with the title and feature image and click on save and preview the change in homepage.

Bottom Call Out Options


Steps: Click on Show Bottom Call Out on homepage? Enter the title and description. Select the category as you created same as top call out the category. And Select the background image, if there is no any background image then there is another option called background color. Select the appropriate color and click on save & publish to view the change.

Clients Option:


Step 1: First create a new client from the backend as in the image below.


Step 2: Click on Show Clients Section on homepage?

Step 3: Enter no. of posts to be shown on a slider.  

Finally, click on save & publish to view the change.

Blog Option:


Testimonial Section:


Step 1: First create a new testimonial from backend and provide the title, content and feature image.

Step 2: Now navigate to the customizer. Enter the title, subtitle, and No. of Posts.

Testimonial contains two design either three column layout or two column layout.

Step 3: Select the one which you prefer and add a background image. If no any background image then background color option can be selected as well.

Step 4: And finally, click on save & publish to view the change.

Footer Copyright / Footer Options:

Steps: Click on Show pre-footer section in homepage? Select 3 column or 4 column pre footer. Enter the Footer text, Developed by Text and Developed by Link. Finally, click on save & publish to view the change.

Sort Options:

Steps: The Sections can be simply dragged and dropped in order to move the section up/down

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