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How to manage Course Section Options?

Click on the course option and then go to Add new Course. There you can add courses as much as you want.

Further, you can add course categories, course title, and description, course instructor, the price of course and image from Add New Course.

Or, if you find add new categories from Add new section then you can simply add courses categories from Courses>Courses Categories>Name>Add New Categories. You can add description as well.

You can customize course from course options. First, go to theme options>course options.  There you will get numbers of customizer options. Listed as:-

  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Course Category
  • of courses to show
  • Link Test
  • Course Single Page Contact Title
  • Course Single Page Contact Description

To set the Course Enquiry. Go to single course page>take this course and click submit.

Process to add Course page Sidebar:

To add a course page sidebar in single page course is a very easy task. All you need to go to Appearance>Widgets

Then click Education Park Course Page Sidebar and drag and drop widgets from Education Park Right Sidebar to Course Page Sidebar. See the clarified picture below.

This is how it seems after adding Widgets.

How to manage Course Archive?

Course archive page contains category in the top and all course list below the category.

In order to view the course archive simply click on course in homepage.

After redirect to the course page, one can find link Course in the breadcrumb and click on it.

For example:

Below is the image for course page.

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