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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate into Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. It generally contains settings related to “HomePage”

The screenshot for theme options:


Theme options contain 14 settings for the homepage which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. Below are the explanation one by one.

Generally there are 14 Theme Options. Listed as:

  1. Social Options
  2. General Options
  3. Top Header Options
  4. Slider Options
  5. Intro Section
  6. Counter Section
  7. Album Options
  8. Event/ Ticket Section
  9. Video Section
  10. Product Section
  11. CTA Section
  12. Blog Options
  13. Footer Options
  14. Sort Section

Social Icons


Social Icons are displayed on the Intro Section on Homepage.

Here is the process to display social icons?

Step 1: Click on Show Social icons.

Step 2: Provide all the links and click on publish.

Again, go to Intro Sections and Click Show Social links

General Options

General Options consists of settings for sidebar and removing the default values of the customizer data.

To reset the value of customizer:

Step 1: Click on Reset all default settings. (Refresh it to view the effect).

Step 2: Reload the page and all the customizer data will removed to default values.

To change the sidebar layout,

First, you need to set Sidebar in order to change the Sidebar Layout.

Go to theme Dashboard>Appearances>Widgets>Sidebar.

Step 1: Click Sidebar then you can see Sidebar categories.

Step 2: Click any particular sidebar category and set the title.

Step 3: Click Save.


Step 4: Go to Blog Section (Homepage>Blog) and there you can see Sidebar that you have just created.

Now you are allowed to change the Sidebar layout.

Step 1: Choose any sidebar layout (Right, No or Left sidebar).

Step 2: View with live change and click on Publish.

Remember you can also create WooCommerce Sidebar on the products page.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard>Appearances>Widgets and WooCommerce Sidebar.


Step 2: Click on the respective sidebar categories and then set the title same as above.


Step 3; Then go Shop (Homepage>Shop) and you could see the WooCommerce Sidebar that you have just created.

*If you want to change the layout of Sidebar then go through the above-mentioned steps.

Top header Options


Top Header Options contains Itunes and Spotify.

Steps: Enter all the details. For icons, you can choose any one from the Links.

Slider Options

Step 1: First install Yudlee Themes Essentials plugin. Now Banner Post Type will be seen on the backend.

Step 2: Click on Slider. And click on Add New Slider.

Step 3: Fill Banner Extra Settings Options. E.g. Enter Banner short descriptions, Button Title, Button Link and Image. And Click on Publish.

Banner section has two options:

  • Single image banner and
  • Slider Banner

Go To Customizer Options > Banner Options. Click on Slider Banner and click on publish.

For single image banner, you just need to insert the title, description, add image, button text and link.

Intro Sections

Sungit Pro offer Intro Sections where you can add the introduction of your website.


First, you need to create Intro Page from the backend

To create the Introduction Page. Go to Dashboard>Pages> Add New Page

Step 1: Enter Page title

Step 2: Add Page Description and Set Featured Image.

Step 3: On Page Attributes, Select “Default Template” on Template

Step 4: Click Publish

Now Go to Intro Sections which in under Customization>Theme Options

Step 1: Select Hide or show Intro Section in Homepage.

Step2: Choose Introduction Page from the Page list and Add Intro Title.

Step 3: Click Publish.

Counter Section:

This section shows the remaining time of the Events.

Go to Theme Options>Counter Section


Step 1: Add Title and Event Venue on the Counter text 1 and 2 respectively.

Step 2: Add remaining time from Counter Date and Click Publish.

To can also hide Counter Section if you wished to.

Album Section

How to Create Album?

Go to Backend> Music> Albums

Step 1: Add Album Title (e.g. Tracy Chapman)

Step 2: Add Description and Album year

Step 3: Set Image and Click Add New Category.

After that go to Media and Click Add new Media.

Then Drop the song frommedia library or select from the files.

Let’s say I picked the song of “The ChainSmokers”

Again Go back to Music> Add New Music

Step 1: Enter song’s title (e.g. The ChainSmokers- Closer)

Step 2: Select the name of the Album that you have created earlier I.e. Tracy Chapman (See how to create Album)

Step 3: Pick the song (The ChainSmokers-Closer) from MP3 File.

Step 4: Set image if you want or else click publish.

Finally, go to Customization>Theme Options>Album Section

Step 1: Add Album Title and Description

Step 2: Then Click one the songs from the Select Category.


Event / Ticket Section


You can add full details of Upcoming Events.

Note that you need to install required WooCommerce Plugin.

Go to Dashboard>Products> Add New Products

Step 1: Add Event Title and Description

Step 2: Select “Even Ticket” on Product Data.

Step 3: Set Ticket Price and Date

Step 4: Add Product’s Short Description

Step 5: Product Image and Product Gallery

Step 6 Click Publish.

After that, go to Theme Options>Event/Ticket Section

Step 1: Select Events title and Description

Step 2: Select your desired No. of Post

Step 3: Add Button Text and Background

Step 4: Click Publish

Video Section


To Add Video Section on Homepage

Go to Dashboard>Video>Add New Video

Step 1: Enter Title of the Video

Step 2: Then Click Add Media and upload Video

Step 3: Set feature Image and Click Publish

If you want to add Video category then Go to Dashboard>Videos>Video Category

Step 1: Set Name, Slug and Description of Video

Step 2: Click Add new Category.

Then go to Theme Options>Video Section

Step 1: Enter Video Title and Description

Step 2: Set No. of Posts

Step 3: Select Category (optional) and click Publish

Product Section


In order to add Products on the Homepage, First of all, you need to Add Product Categories.

Go to Dashboard> Products> Categories

Step 1: Add new categories

Step 2: Enter Product Title and description

Step 3: Upload Thumbnail Image

Step4: Click Add New Category

After setting Product Categories then go to Add New Product.

Step 1: Set the Product Title and description

Step 2: Set the Price of the Product. (You can also set Sale Price)

Step 3: Set Product Short description and featured Image

Step 4: Choose a Product category that you want to list your product

Step 5: Click Publish.

Call to Action Section (CTA)


For Call to Action Section below are the steps:

Step 1: Show or hide CTA Section on Homepage.

Step 2: Add Title, Description, Button Text, and Link

Step 3: Set Background Image and Click Publish.

Blog Sections


First, create a Post from Post which is located in Backend. Then after going to Theme Options and Blog Options


Footer Section


To add and Set Footer Section here are the steps

Step 1: Add footer text

Step 2: Add developed by text

Step 3: Add developed by link

Sort Sections


From Sort Sections you can Reorder home Layouts.

Step: Simply Drag and Drop the sections in your desired order.

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