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Installing Plugins

After Installing and activating the theme you will see the following message at the top of the admin dashboard page. This theme requires a few following plugins.

Click, begin installing plugins link which will redirect to Install Required Plugins page.

Bulk install required and recommended plugins

You can install or update the required and recommended plugins at once just by clicking into “Begin Installing Plugins”.

Required Plugins

WooCommerce: With WooCommerce plugin you can sell your musical albums, single songs, and many other products. It is the most required plugin for a store based theme and showcasing the product.

Yudlee Themes Essentials: The plugin consists of set of Custom Post Types like Sliders, Music, and Video etc. and other functionalities necessary for the Theme to run properly. Plugin zip file is also provided separately and also consists in Premium Package under Required Plugins Folder.

Recommended Plugins

YITH Event Tickets for WooCommerce – Start selling tickets for all sorts of events on your own website using YITH Event Tickets for WooCommerce.

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