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How to setup Menu?

If you are new to WordPress, please visit WordPress Menu User Guide

There are three predefined theme menu locations in Whitish Premium Theme

  • Main menu
  • Top menu
  • Footer menu.

Create menu

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize >Menus.
  2. From Menus, click “Add a Menu” button and you will be able to create a menu.
  3. Now, click Add Items and you will be able to Add or Remove Menu Items according to your requirement.
  4. Select the Menu locations.
  5. Click Save and publish button.

  Change menu locations           

  • Go to Appearance > Customize> Menus > Menu Locations
  • Select the menu for Main Menu. The main menu appears as the chief menu in the header section.
  • Select the menu for Top Menu. It appears on the top right corner of the theme.
  • Select the menu for Footer Menu. Footer menu appears in the footer section.
  • Click Save and publish


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